We offer CPC advertising (pay per valid click).
We currently offer static banner type HTML, GIF, JPG and PNG. Sizes 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 468x60,640x300. But we will be updating to add more types of sizes and formats.
We have invalid clicks detections etc. If we detect any fraud, the money spent will be added to your fund automatically.
Your ads are displayed on pre-approved websites according to our terms and conditions guaranteeing a healthy traffic and freeing you from all types of fraud and bots.
The minimum deposite is only $500 (dollars), and we do not charge any commission for sending payments.
You can choose between 2 means of payment, among them are Bitcoin and paypal. Remember to configure the payment address.
You are paid for both. Something innovative about bitraffic is that you can choose between receiving payments by CPM or CPC, this can be configured when you create a new ad space.